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Next GRL Trip: India, November 2019


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Next GRL Trip to volunteer: November 2019

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Hi there! My name is Kristine and I started GRL Collective to empower girls through education, mentorship, volunteering and travel. The brand was born during a 40 day volunteer trip to Jodhpur, India in 2017. In an effort to continue helping all of the young girls even after leaving India, I launched the GRL Collective jewelry line to help fund these girls’ education. (I hand make everything you see!) Many people in America aren’t aware that there are places in the world where girls are still being denied an education. It’s not right and I couldn’t come home and go back to my normal life, forgetting about what I had witnessed and the girls that had changed my life forever. Thank you for your support, every purchase, Instagram follow, live stream view and ticket bought to our events truly means the world. Thank you.