How can I protect my package? What if it get's lost in holiday madness?

You can protect your package by adding package protection through Route, it automatically charges you 1% of your order total and packages are traceable and replaceable if lost or stolen. If you have chosen to opt out of Route protection, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We are a small business and added Route to our site to protect you lovely grls, but if you choose to opt out as a small business we cannot afford to replace. 

How long does US shipping take? 

Typically your orders are shipped within 10 days of your order being placed. Ground shipping usually takes 5-7 days and priority usually takes 3 days. However due to Trump & his Post Master General, USPS has been very overwhelmed and packages are taking longer than usual to arrive. In some cases tracking numbers are not updated regularly.

What is your exchange & return policy? 

We do not offer exchanges, cancellations or returns on any kind of products. This is due to the donation process behind our products, the small nature of our business and the limited inventory. If you received the wrong product, please email us.


If I bought something full price & you run a sale can I get a price adjustment?

We do not offer price adjustments on any purchases.

How do I reach you?

For press inquires please contact natalie@grlcollective.com, for emails pertaining to an order placed please email orders@grlcollective.com or call 562-334-2813.